How To Know When To Buy A New HVAC System

An air conditioner ranks among the largest investments that people make in their homes, so it is natural to want value for money. Regrettably, irrespective of how well you maintain your HVAC system, you will have to get a new one at some stage. A damaged or old HVAC unit can cause problems for homeowners, like low-quality indoor air and increased utility bills. Unsure whether it is time to purchase a new HVAC unit? Here are eight things to check to find out:

1) Your HVAC Unit is Over a Decade old

What year did you have your air conditioner fitted? The Energy Department advises homeowners to get a new HVAC unit every ten to fifteen years. These days, HVAC units are robust, although their main parts will start to decline after about a decade, based on how frequently you maintain and use them.

HVAC systems that are over a decade old also commonly use a refrigerant called R/22. This kind of freon is both outdated and environmentally harmful. Purchasing a modern system will make you more eco-friendly and reduce your utility bills each month.

2) The Cost of Repair is Over Fifty Percent the Cost of Purchasing a new air Conditioner

If you are undecided about whether to replace or fix your existing unit, and it is over ten years old, buying a new unit is a wiser investment. Every air conditioning unit will need repairing every now and again, however, if your unit needs repairing and this costs over fifty percent of the price of a new unit, it is better to buy a new model.

3) Your Utility Bills are Constantly Rising

Although there are changes each season to your electricity costs, your bills for the same months over recent years ought to be fairly similar. Rising utility bills is a common indication that you ought to service or replace your HVAC unit. When HVAC units get older, they tend to become less efficient. This could be particularly challenging for people who do not get their units serviced once per year.

Frequent maintenance will boost your HVAC unit’s lifespan and ensure it keeps operating at optimum efficiency; however, at some stage, you will have to upgrade it. Purchasing a modern, more efficient HVAC unit will reduce your utility bills by up to twenty percent.

4) It is Impossible to Maintain the Right Temperature in Your House

HVAC units that have aged frequently struggle to maintain consistent temperatures in your property. This might be because of a range of problems, like a malfunctioning thermostat, a broken thermostat, reduced levels of fluid, cracked ducts, severe motor damage or blocked filters.

Inconsistent temperatures usually indicate that your HVAC unit lacks the power to emit air through your property, or that it has poorly installed ductwork. In each of these cases, choosing to change nothing about your HVAC unit will lead to uncomfortable temperatures at home and higher utility bills. Some HVAC units are better than others and – with properties varying in location, layout and size, etc., all properties will have distinctive requirements, as far as cooling and heating goes.

5) Dust has Become More Visible Throughout Your Property

As well as sending heated and cooled air through your property, your air conditioner is meant to provide correct ventilation. When it functions properly, your unit should enhance the air quality inside your property by getting rid of dust (along with dirt, other debris and dander) and regulating humidity. If dust has suddenly become more prevalent in your property, it might be an indication that your HVAC unit lacks the efficiency to get rid of it.

6) Strange Aromas

A strange aroma emanating from your air conditioner might be a bit of fluff burning off. However, it is vital to switch the appliance off and get it checked straight away, to be on the safe side. There are occasions when mould inside the ducts or melted wiring can cause strange aromas.

7) Unusual Noises

Properly maintained air conditioners should function reasonably quietly. Over time, as the individual parts age, you could start to hear sounds like squealing and grinding. If your appliance is making any strange noises, you ought to get it checked as soon as possible.

8) The Quality of Air in Your Home is Poor

Over the summer months, an Austin HVAC system is usually the most important factor, as far as indoor air quality goes. Households with badly maintained units tend to experience a deterioration in the indoor air quality.